W.I.T. Marketing Communications Services & Events

has evolved from marketing concept development and sales promotion to:

an expanded array of marketing communications services;

event production and staging; and

financial and efficiency consulting.

Our network of associates provides expertise and experience in the following broad categories:

brand development strategies and execution
    Research and Analysis of your Unique Selling Proposition.
    Graphic design management and executive production of brochures, websites…
    Annual Reports, Shareholder communications, cross-promotions…
creating partnerships and placing media, and producing events
    Advertising and Multi-Media Campaigns, both U.S. and Canadian;
    live talent, guest speakers & Shows…
    Now partnered with the CSE (Cdn Securities Exchange) and Stockhouse for added reach!
securing funding for private and public enterprise
    Private placements, institutional and governmental funds assistance…
management, training, tax credits and accounting
    Get the most out of your assets, and maximize your ROI.
    Most of these services are collaborative with Professional Partners.
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